Inspiring and enabling people whose role it is to promote and facilitate learning in others.

LombardozziCatherine Lombardozzi
Learning 4 Learning Professionals

How can I support your work?


  • Coach


    My aim in coaching engagements is to provide guidance and accelerate development. I provide coaching on needs assessment, instructional design, curation, learning environment design, and the design of non-training strategies for supporting learning. Learn more.

  • Teacher 2

    Providing customized workshops

    My workshop programs and conference presentations are invariably engaging and practical. Topics focus on designing effective learning environments, promoting social learning, enabling self-directed learning, designing effective instruction, and exploring practical approaches to scholarly practice. Learn more.

  • Consultant Green


    Learning 4 Learning Professionals is a consulting practice dedicated to supporting the professional development and consulting needs of designers, facilitators, learning consultants, and learning leaders in both corporate and higher education settings. My approach is personal, customized, and theory- and research-based. I can help you to assess your situation and jump-start strategic initiatives. Learn more.

Supporting learning in the digital age…

Check out my book, Learning Environments by Design, for advice on curating comprehensive learning resources – a practical approach to leveraging the learning and performance ecosystem. More…


Sunflower 4 creativityCultivating creativity…

Become a more creative designer and consultant! I’ve been cataloging the ways that some of the most celebrated creators keep their creative energies flowing. Contact me to offer a workshop to your group or enlist me to coach you or your team toward more creative solutions. More…

Icons by the Noun Project: Coach by Rudy Jaspers (figures) and FBianchi (baloons); University by Daniel Turner; Author by Wilson Joseph; Digital classroom by Dan Hetteix; Speaker by Duke Innovation Co-Lab; Consultant by Sergi Delgado.


For more information, or to set up a free consultation, contact me, | 302-994-0451.