A place to start to learn about key topics in the field

blueprints and compas

Learning 4 Learning Professionals offers these curated resources as a starting place for learning about a number of relevant topics in our field. These lists were often put together to lay groundwork with a client or serve as foundation for or extension of discussions for courses or consulting projects, and I make them available in hopes you might find them useful as well.

In Ready, Set, Curate, Allison Anderson said, “most curation is done with the intent of interaction.”  That is, we often share resources as a way to begin a conversation – about what these ideas mean, about how we should apply them, about possible next steps. If you are in need of a discussion partner, please be in touch. I enjoy talking about these topics and can help expand the list of relevant resources based on your context and projects.

Please check back often; this list is expanded regularly.

Scaffolding self-directed learning at work – a summary of the self-directed learning process and what makes it unfold effectively in a work context

Learning and Development Strategy Frameworks – an overview of the many ways L&D strategy can be conceptualized in the digital age

Emerging Trends Reports – organizations that analyze and predict emerging trends.

Learning Environments – links to my writing and related materials on learning environments

Social Learning – resources on how to encourage and promote social learning in organizations.

Next Generation Digital Learning Environments – what’s next for the LMS

Microcredentials and Badging – new strategies for developing and validating competency

Learning Analytics – moving beyond traditional evaluation metrics

Scholarly Practice – grounding our work in solid theory and research

My writing projects – Additional resources and links to my own writing on a variety of subjects


Please let me know of other topics for which you’d like to see curated resources. I will be adding to this list regularly, and would love to put together something useful for you.