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How can learning data help us to predict and verify the impact of learning strategies?

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Learning analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for purposes of understanding and optimizing learning and the environments in which it occurs.
~ Society for Learning Analytics Research

Evaluation has always been an important part of training and education, but learning analytics takes data collection and analysis to an entirely different level. People are interested in the possibility that data can be more predictive rather than simply reporting on results.

big data graphicMany education technology vendors are using the data they collect on learner activity to shape their products, to create individualized learning paths, and to compile reports to teachers and administrators. Personalized and adaptive learning is powered by data analytics. The stated intent is to improve learning effectiveness and outcomes.

This explosion of data tracking is not without its critics. There is deep concern about data privacy – about the use of student data for profit motive, and the use of employee data for individual monitoring and decision making.

The resources on this page span two arenas: corporate talent management and academic contexts. While the needs in each of these arenas are different, both contexts benefit from advances and lessons learned in the other.


Curated Recommendations

// Analytics in Corporate Training and Development and Talent Management >

In the corporate space, data analytics is often focused on linking learning and performance, or trying to predict outcomes of talent development and retention efforts.

// Analytics in the Education Sector >

The education sector is interested in capturing outcomes as well, but they are also looking at how to leverage technology to enable various kinds of individualized learning at scale.

Cautions about the use of learner data to shape educational experiences

While the use of learning analytics holds a great deal of promise, there is growing concern about privacy and security in the collection of data, who has access, and how it is being used. These concerns are especially pronounced in higher education, but similar cautions might be raised in corporate data applications as well. 

// Personalized and Adaptive Learning >

If you aren’t familiar with the concepts of personalized and adaptive learning, these articles will give you background. These pieces focus on applications in higher ed, but the same principles apply in designing corporate learning and development technology-based programs as well.

// Web Sites >

Data Analytics in Business and L&D

Data Analytics in Higher Ed

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