A practical approach to supporting learning in the digital age


We live in a world of information abundance, and yet finding the most useful materials, activities, and networks for in-the-flow-of-work and do-it-yourself learning can be quite daunting.

A learning environment is a deliberately curated collection of materials and activities to support the development of a specific knowledge base or skill set.

Learning environment design is a practical approach to supporting learning in the digital age. People who desire to facilitate learning in corporate and academic contexts can craft learning environments in addition to or instead of formal learning courses and programs.

I am excited to note that I can now offer my recommendations on assembling learning environment design in book form. Learning Environments by Design was published by ATD Press in September of 2015.

Do you want to know more? The first set of links below will give you a solid preview of these ideas, and the Related Resources section curates similar thinking.

The book compiles practical advice and important background to help designers support learning in this modern way. It includes chapters that describe the concept, sketch out the processes for designing learning environments, synthesize theory- and research-based recommendations on self-directed learning and social learning (so you can assess if your organization and learners will thrive with this approach), and more.

I sincerely hope you find these ideas useful! — Catherine


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Previews on Learning Environment Design

Talent Development in the Digital Age: Designing Learning Environments – my InSync BYTE webinar, September 2016  (Introduction: When Google lets you down blog post)

Cultivating Valuable Learning Environments – my article in the January 2016 edition of TD magazine.

Designing Learning Environments – A Q&A podcast with Amanda Smith from ATD (Association for Talent Development).

eLearning Coach Podcast – I talk about the book with Connie Malamed, The eLearning Coach.

A Conversation with Catherine Lombardozzi – my author interview with Karl Kapp.

Taking Blended Learning to the Next Level – a 2014 Learning Solutions online magazine article in which I share why learning environment design is an important skill in the digital age.

In-depth writings on related topics:

Challenges of Learning in the Flow of Work: Scaffolding Self-Direction (pdf) – my 2016 article in the International Journal of HRD Practice, Policy, and Research

With a Little Help from Our Friends: How to leverage relationships for employee and management development  – a white paper I wrote for an AHRD project in 2013.


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