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scholarly practiceScholarly practice entails grounding our work in the theory and research of our field – making sure that what we are recommending has a solid base of theory and evidence to back it up. While “scholarly practice” is a bit of a kludgy term, it’s a very important concept related to being impactful in our roles as learning professionals. Being a scholar-practitioner involves learning the body of knowledge that underpins our work, having a questing and analytic mindset, looking for research and theory to inform our project recommendations, deliberately learning from experience, and engaging in reflective practice – analyzing and adjusting our approaches to constantly improve.

Appropriately, there has been quite a bit of research done on scholarly practice, which has informed what we know about the required skills and the activities that scholar-practitioners undertake. In my 2013 article, The SMART Practice of Scholarly Practice, I summarized the identified behaviors along five dimensions:

  • Using theory and research to inform our recommendations
  • Looking for or producing the research evidence to support our activities and practices
  • Deliberately searching the literature for relevant ideas when we have strategic initiatives to support
  • Applying research skills in our own work to test out the effectiveness of our activities
  • Engaging with academics to exchange perspectives on the linkages between theory and practice.

I have been a proponent of scholarly practice for quite some time, and part of the value that I bring to my work is that I take care to ground it in relevant theoretical frameworks and research-based recommendations. I aim to contribute to our understanding of scholarly practice by writing about it often and creating workshops on the approaches and habits that define scholarly practice. I have also taken to the blogosphere to share with practitioners some interesting ideas that are coming out of research and theory in our field.

Curated Recommendations

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// Advances in Developing Human Resources >

Advances in Developing Human Resources is the practitioner-oriented publication of the Academy of Human Resource Development, and there have been two editions of the journal specifically on scholarly practice. Each issue contains multiple articles of scholarly practice in HRD. Recommended!

  • A Scholar-Practitioner Case Approach: Implications for Advancing Theory and Research Through Informed Practice (August 2013 issue). Advances in Developing Human Resources 15(3). Edited by Ellen Scully-Russ,Rachelle Lehner,and Brad Shuck (publisher website)
  • Bridging the Gap: Scholar-practitioners in Human Resource Development (August 2009 issue). Advances in Developing Human Resources 11(4). Edited by Darren C. Short, Martin B. Kormanik and Wendy E.A. Ruona (publisher website)

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These are links to my blog posts and articles that translate research for practice.

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