Catherine Lombardozzi, Ed.D.

“Birth” Announcement

By |2019-10-31T03:23:13+00:00September 19th, 2015|Learning Environment Design|

It’s a book! Learning Environments by Design September 14, 2015 8.8 ounces, 8 inches long, 192 pages Having been lovingly nurtured along for at least seven years, my ideas around designing learning environments have at last been shaped into a real book. I am so excited to announce that Learning Environments by Design was published [...]

Tearing up the syllabus

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This is a thinking-out-loud post, and I would welcome comments - on or off line. Over the summer, I've been working on revising a course I teach in adult learning theory. I finished my syllabus last weekend, but just as it is now time to start getting the course built in Canvas (it's 100% online), [...]