Catherine Lombardozzi, Ed.D.

Learning and development in a pandemic-scarred world

By |2021-08-19T01:01:37+00:00April 30th, 2020|Curation, Modern Learning Strategy, Ruminations|

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” That classic Dickensian opening line perfectly summarizes the state of L&D in 2020. The pandemic has generated immediate learning needs and many L&D professionals have responded admirably using tools and techniques that seem custom-made for rapid response in a social-distanced environment. We’ve helped [...]

Emerging frameworks for learning strategy

By |2021-08-19T01:01:09+00:00April 26th, 2018|Curation, Learning Environment Design, Modern Learning Strategy|

I've been thinking about this one for quite a while. When I wrote Learning Environments by Design (2015), we were really just beginning to grapple with how to structure (or not structure) learning strategies in the wake of ideas about curation and ubiquitous availability of the internet. Since then, many others have published ideas about [...]

Next Generation Learning Environments

By |2021-08-19T01:00:25+00:00May 30th, 2016|Curation, Learning Technology, Modern Learning Strategy|

This past week the subject in my emerging technologies course was Next Generation Digital Learning Environments. That term is likely to be more familiar to you if you work in a higher education environment than in a corporate one. In corporate L&D, you are probably discussing similar ideas and calling the concept learning and performance [...]

The Biology of Learning Environments

By |2021-08-19T00:49:13+00:00January 13th, 2016|Article Reviews, Ecosystems, Modern Learning Strategy|

An article in January's Harvard Business Review has caught my attention because it adds validity and nuance to the broader approach we want to take in supporting learning in organizations. Martin Reeves, Simon Levin, and Daichi Ueda write a nice analysis of businesses as biological ecosystems - more specifically, as complex adaptive systems. They warn [...]

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