Catherine Lombardozzi, Ed.D.

False Science

By |2021-08-19T01:16:43+00:00May 10th, 2016|Research for Practice, Scholarly Practice|

One of John Oliver’s comedic reports is making the rounds in my Twitter feed this week. In the Last Week Tonight video, Scientific Studies*, Oliver calls out the absurdity of headlines driven by narrow research results – and worse – by complete misinterpretations (or misreporting) of research results. It’s both funny and scary at the [...]

Sharing our expertise

By |2021-08-19T01:23:31+00:00April 29th, 2016|Learning Environment Design, Research for Practice, Scholarly Practice|

There has been a lot of talk lately about how academics can use social media to share their emerging research and make more direct recommendations to the practitioners who might benefit from knowing their results.* Too much important research is buried in academic journals that practitioners cannot access (and written in language that isn’t relatable), [...]

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