Curated Resources for Charting a Journey

These resources have been compiled for those who participated in my Charting a Journey session in the ATD Forum’s 2020 Fall Hackathon.

// Workshop resources

Charting a Journey Action Plan
Customized workbook from the hackathon

Self-Directed Learning Infographic
A handy checklist of success factors for self-directed learning

Charting Your Course
Full workbook and services on Charting Your Course from Learning 4 Learning Professionals

// For deeper learning

Self-Directed Learning: Essential strategy for a rapidly changing world
// Catherine Lombardozzi, for Learning Guild (2020)
Here’s my research report that synthesizes the theory and research on self-directed learning, boiling it down to key concepts and recommendations. This work served as the underpinning for the Charting Your Course process. Download for free with a free membership to the Learning Guild.

The wherwithal for self-directed learning
// Catherine Lombardozzi, Learning Journal blog (2020)
Describes the capabilites and qualities individuals need to direct their own learning, and some tactics to use to bolster these.

Scaffolding Self-Directed Learning at Work
// Catherine Lombardozzi, Curated Resources, Learning 4 Learning Professionals
My compilation of recommended resources on self-directed learning in the workplace.

Learn2Learn Online
// Arun Pradhan
An in-depth learn-to-learn resource that helps individuals to develop an array of learning skills – a solid overview of proven learning practices along with plenty of resources to dive deep.

7 phases of skill acquisition: A novice’s journey to expertise and beyond
// Raman K. Attri, on Speed to Proficiency Research (2017)
If you’re wondering where you might fall on a novice to expert continuum, this post does a fine job of explaining the characteristics of the various levels.

How to become the best in the world at something
// Tomas Pueyo, on Forge / Medium
This article explains the benefits of skill-stacking to build a skill set that is uniquely you, unmatched by others. What makes people especially successful is often the combination of several areas of deep knowledge and skill they bring to the table rather than an expertise in just one arena.

Beyond competence: It’s the journey to mastery that counts
// Marc Rosenberg, Learning Solutions Magazine (2012)
Recommendations on the kinds of learning activities best suited for your current level of experience and expertise.

The making of an expert
// K. Anders Ericsson, Michael J. Prietula , and Edward T. Cokely, Harvard Business Review (2007)
Useful advice about the kind of activities that support expertise development.

How to effectively build and leverage a personal learning network (PLN)
// Mirjam Neelen & Paul A. Kirschner, 3 Star Learning Experiences (2018)
A personal learning network is a way of surrounding yourself with people who can assist in your development in a variety of ways. A PLN is an important development strategy that should be in a permanent part of your professional support system.

Getting started with reflective practice
// Cambridge International Education Teaching and Learning Team (no date)
While written for teachers, the key concepts apply to all professions. Practical advice here.