Charting Your Course

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Charting Your Course
Your guide for in-depth self-directed learning

In today’s environment, people don’t have to go back to school to gain the in-depth knowledge and skill mastery they need. The internet is a treasure trove for people who want to learn. But finding the right learning resources and activities, planning self-development, and being accountable for outcomes are not as easy to accomplish as you might think.

Charting Your Course for Self-Directed Learning is a guide for the development journey.

Whether you are interested in developing your own skills or hoping to support others in defining their own self-directed learning journeys, Charting Your Course provides the structure and advice you need.

Charting Your Course will help you to:
>  Design a comprehensive self-development plan for a specific knowledge base or skill
>  Strengthen your development plan by including a range of tactics that support your learning
>  Bolster your core self-directed learning skills

The Process

Charting Your Course has three phases:

Orientating – where you’ll identify and clarify your destination – your overall goal for the learning project

Wayfinding – where you’ll make a plan for developing a specific knowledge base or skill

Journeying – where you’ll follow your plan in order to advance your knowledge base and develop your skill

The Charting Your Course Workbook provides a template for creating a robust self-directed learning plan. (Download for free below.) The Charting Your Course Guidebook elaborates on Orientating, Wayfinding, and Journeying, further detailing the process and providing links to additional materials that will help you to create and execute an interesting and instructive itinerary.

Take control of your professional development by mapping out your own path. Savor the journey!

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// Charting Your Course Workbook

The Charting Your Course workbook is a template for planning in-depth self-directed learning journeys.
Free to download for personal use only.

Get a complimentary Charting Your Course workbook now

// Charting Your Course Guidebook

The Guidebook provides in-depth guidance on crafting and executing your self-directed learning plan through Orientating, Wayfinding, and Journeying. It contains more detailed explanations of the process and 35 links to useful resources to support your efforts.

Charting Your Course Consulting Services

I collaborate with you and your team to successfully implement the Charting Your Course process. Contact me for a free consultation around what you are trying to achieve.

All recommendations in the Charting Your Course materials are grounded in adult learning research and theory, most especially in self-directed learning theory. For a synthesis of what the research says, see my research report, Self-Directed Learning: Essential strategy for a rapidly changing world (Learning Guild, 2020). Also see my Curated Resources on Scaffolding Self-Direction at Work.

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