Give your creativity a boost!

Building Creative Capacity

How did they come up with that?!

Have you ever been so struck by the originality of a colleague’s idea that you wondered how in the world that person was able to conceive of such a thing? What was the source of inspiration? And how do I get me some of that?

Introducing a new e-book…

Creativity Boost: 48 Practices for Developing Your Creative Capacity

Our work constantly demands creative solutions. We need to work within an array of parameters and limitations to create learning and development activities that help people to achieve their goals. Those we support have high expectations for creative approaches and deep engagement along with efficiency and effectiveness in their learning. That is partially why our work can be so energizing – there are always new challenges, new techniques, and new tools.

To seek to be inspired is a lovely way to live.
~ Lin-Manuel Miranda

But many learning and development professionals doubt their creative capacity. They see what others do and feel dismayed to think that they would never have come up with that particular solution or anything that good. They may come to believe that everyone else has some deep well of creativity that has not been granted to them. Does this kind of thinking resonate with you?

I have had those feelings myself. I’ve been determined to study creativity, to unlock its mysteries a bit. I’ve listened closely to highly applauded creators talk about their process and their inspirations. I’ve read the research on creativity and put into practice a number of creativity-enhancing techniques. I still think there is an element of genius that spurs the people who create blockbusters, but I am confident that some of what they do to feed their creative energies are disciplines that I can practice as well. You can, too.

That’s what Creativity Boost is all about – sharing strategies to build your capacity for creativity.

Creativity Boost contains 48 practices custom-designed for learning and development professionals – designers, facilitators, faculty, consultants, and learning leaders.

These practices are useful step-by-step activities that can help you to replenish your creative energies. They often riff off activities that are employed by highly applauded creators like Lin-Manuel Miranda (composer), Ed Catmull (filmmaker), Twyla Tharp (choreographer), Brandon Sanderson (author), Liz Gilbert (author) Jim Henson (muppeteer), and more. And these exercises are grounded in the research on creativity – what we know about what works.

The Creativity Boost practices support deepening your capacity in seven disciplines that turn out to be important for generating a creativity boost. These disciplines are:

  • Creativity Boost LogoLearning – Developing mastery in your field of practice
  • Sensing – Gathering inspiration and seeking ideas, both ongoing and as needed
  • Framing – Defining the goal and the parameters within which you need to work
  • Conversing – Seeking input and testing reactions to ideas
  • Playing – Applying creative techniques and processes
  • Incubating – Giving the mind a break from a project to allow background rumination
  • Daring – Demonstrating boldness, recovering from difficulties, adapting to meet challenges, and managing risks

I invite you to give your creativity a boost!

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Creativity Boost is a 53-page PDF containing 48 step-by-step practices for deepening your creative capacity.

SNEAK PEEK – The preview document below contains exercises that I use in a brief introductory workshop on the Creativity Boost disciplines and practices.
Creativity Boost “Boost Swap” Workshop Activities

Upcoming Sessions and Workshops:

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Creativity Boost – How to build your creative capacity

Supporting the learning needs of today’s workforce demands creativity and innovation. This workshop explores catalysts of creativity, and it offers implementable research-based techniques, skill-building activities, and inspiring stories of ground-breaking acts of creation. Practices and stories are drawn from genius-level creators like Lin-Manuel Miranda (composer of Hamilton), Ed Catmull (CEO of Pixar), and Twyla Tharp (choreographer of Movin’ Out), among others.

  • Learn about activities and behaviors that fortify some of our most respected creative geniuses
  • Develop habits of mind that can deepen your capacity for creativity and innovation
  • Reference techniques for nurturing your own creativity and moving past a creative dry spell

To discuss a customized workshop for your team, please contact me at [email protected] I am able to craft interactive webinars and engaging workshops in a variety of time frames depending on needs.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”