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Building your team’s strengths to drive the development of capability in your organization​

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Let me collaborate with you on expanding your team’s skills so they can have real impact on organizational capabilty and performance.

My approach to professional development blends highly engaging workshops with resources, take-back activities, follow-up coaching and more. My work is well-grounded in the relevant theory and research in our field, and shaped to be practical.

Rapid Upskilling Options to Address Coronavirus Disruptions

These programs may be particularly important in helping you strengthen your skills for the current environment.

  • Modern Blended Learning Design Program
  • Cultivating a Thriving Learning Culture
  • Accelerated Individual Development Support

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Modern Blended Learning

A timely workshop and development program to enable the L&D team to design comprehensive blended learning strategies.

Is your team ready to design impactful blended L&D programs that combine live virtual events with asynchronous activities?

While we’ve been moving toward this kind of learning path design for quite a while now, the need and appetite for these kinds of programs has been dramatically accelerated with the abrupt distribution of the workforce required by the coronavirus crisis.

The Modern Blended Learning Design program explores how to craft a comprehensive learning experience that combines elements in a variety of formats, whether for targeted learning goals or longer-term development efforts.

This accelerated development experience for the L&D team addresses these learning needs:

  • How to apply instructional design skills to the challenge of structuring learning paths that integrate non-instructional components and digital resources with live events (face-to-face or virtual)
  • How organizations have reconceptualized the design of learning strategies to take full advantage of online tools and materials
  • Principles and practices that define the quality and impact of online learning strategies
  • How to humanize and contextualize the online learning experience

The program has these components:

  • Preview materials to underscore importance of a modern blended learning strategy and lay groundwork for the program
  • Two highly interactive 90-minute webinars (webinars can be scheduled in same day with a break or lunch between, or up to a week apart)
  • Comprehensive curated resources for further exploration and learning
  • Follow up activities, including two action-oriented manager-led team activities, 6 “deep dive” follow-through bulletins (to send weekly), and customized social learning strategy recommendations
  • Consultation on next steps

This course can be customized to meet your particular needs.

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Cultivating a Learning Culture

An online workshop to give you tools to influence the development of a thriving learning culture on your own team or in your organization.

How can you build learning culture locally when the broader culture is less supportive? How do you make a plan to strengthen a learning culture when such a thing seems so nebulous?

In environments where learning is constantly necessary and happening “in the flow of work,” having a strong learning culture is crucial. An exceptional learning culture can fuel innovation, underpin employee engagement and retention, ensure future-ready capabilities, and enable achievement of the organization’s most ambitious goals.

Though we may agree that building a learning culture is important, it can be difficult to figure out how to cultivate such an environment – especially in the context of a crisis situation with a largely distributed workforce.

In this active online workshop, we’ll generate actions you can take to improve your learning culture—insights you can apply to working within your own team, with another group, or with your entire organization. These lively conversations and activities will give you tools to assess the specific culture you want to improve and to define an action plan you can begin implementing right away.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Key foundations of learning culture drawn from leading organizations and research
  • Ways to shape and foster a learning culture locally and organization-wide
  • Strategies for overcoming inhibitors of a strong learning culture
  • A learning culture planning framework (which you will complete so you have actionable take-aways)

This online workshop will be customized for your situation and will run 3-6 hours depending on our agreed approach to working on your learning culture cultivation plan.

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Charting Your Course for Self-Directed Learning

Personalized coaching for your individual development.

How can you take advantage of your unique current circumstances to accelerate your own professional development?

With this individualized coaching package, I’ll partner with you to pinpoint your developmental goals, identify learning resources and activities, make an executable rapid development plan, and provide feedback and coaching on your development journey. See Charting Your Course for additional details.

You may be able to use this time of uncertainty to strengthen your skill sets and position yourself for bold contributions in the future.

Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your goals.

Strategic Upskilling Project

Comprehensive alignment and skill development program to prepare your L&D team to execute your vision.

An upskilling project can include any or all of these activities:

  • Future-focused visioning: Review your organization’s goals, L&D strategy trends, and the opportunities afforded by your context to envision a future state for the role of L&D in your organization. Define roles and responsibilities necessary for executing the vision.
  • Team capability and learning culture assessment: Assess the strengths and development needs of your team and identify upskilling priorities. Compare your team’s current strengths to the competencies needed to execute the vision. Evaluate the team learning culture.
  • Staffing strategy alignment: Select the right mix of strategies to align roles and responsibilities. Make a plan to reenergize, reorganize, redeploy, reskill, replenish, and/or remix the team.
  • Team development planning and implementation: Define a strategy for upskilling your team individually and collectively. Engage all team members to actively advance their knowledge and skill to effectively enact the vision. Strengthen the team learning culture.
  • Ongoing progress checks and plan updates: Regularly evaluate progress and revise your course of action as needed. Recognize and reward developmental achievements among the team and revise or reimagine individual development plans.

Accelerated Development Package for the L&D Team

Professional development program for 5-15 people.


  • Deep dive live workshop: An active learning program that may be delivered in one full day, two half days, or 4-6 webinars (generally one week apart), customized for your needs
  • Curated resources: Additional links, templates, and job aids for ongoing development, utilizing internet resources as well as the content your organization may have available (e.g. LinkedIn Learning, Skillsoft, Degreed)
  • Social learning strategy: Customized recommendations for amplifying social learning for continued support and development (e.g. team communications, initiative champions, use of enterprise social network, social media connections)
  • Follow up activities: Facilitation notes and materials for four 30-60 minute follow-up sessions to be facilitated by managers or senior individual contributors
  • Concluding consultation: A discussion with the leadership team to assess progress and strategize next steps

I’ll conduct a focused exploration of your specific needs and challenges, and then build a customized blended program that enables the team to generate impact.

Representative Topics

  • Cultivating a Learning Culture: Analyze your environment, explore learning culture characteristics, and make a plan for strengthening learning culture at every level of your organization, including within the L&D team itself.
  • The Future of Talent Development: Explore a variety of frameworks for conceiving blended learning and development programs that take advantage of the tools and techniques of the digital age.
  • Self Directed Learning: Learn the keys to successful self-directed learning, either to jump-start development planning on a team or to more effectively support self-directed learning in your organization.
  • Honing Your Needs Analysis Superpowers: Plan and execute customized analyses – from narrowly targeted to comprehensive – that focus on the most critical facets; ask great questions; distill findings to useful insights; and enable innovative recommendations.
  • Design Thinking: Integrate design thinking practices into your typical design process to make your recommendations more creative, innovative, and effective.
  • Instructional Design Basics: Upskill subject matter experts or new team members in the art and process of instructional design.
  • How People Learn: Discover and apply key principles defined by research in social learning, self-directed learning, experiential learning, and the science of retention.
  • Creativity Boost: Build creative capacity with a variety of tools and techniques for unleashing creativity at the moment of need.

Customized Team Development Strategy

Multi-week synchronous and asynchronous activities (usually 1 hour or less) to support development of a specific skill.

May take the form of:

  • Challenge assignments: Team members are offered challenging practice or work-based assignments along with relevant resources to provide just-in-time learning. I will curate resources, design and develop challenges, draft communications, and provide coaching to the leader. Great for giving practice on skills that need rapid development and for helping the team to learn from one another.
  • Topic explorations: Team members read a book or series of articles together, discuss implications, and – importantly – develop job aids and action plans for implementing guidance gleaned from the material. I will design program, draft communications, prepare activity materials, and provide coaching to the leader. Terrific to support continuing development.
  • Curated resources and activities: Team members are given access to a curated set of resources and activities for developing a specific knowledge base or skill set, intended for self-directed learning or individual development planning. May include guided paths, depending on need. Especially useful to prepare your team to implement new strategies.

These are designed to be led by the team manager or senior individual contributor with support from me at the agreed level.

Individual Coaching

Individualized support for learning-while-doing.

My expertise is in the full range of tools and techniques for learning in the digital age (both in person and technology-based). I can partner with you to create dynamic and effective learning strategies to meet the needs of your constituents: participants, students, employees and leaders at all levels.

Coaching projects include:

  • Guiding practitioners on incorporating modern approaches to L&D.
  • Consulting on course design, including defining and crafting activities and assessments.
  • Partnering on the development of learning ecosystems and learning environments.
  • Assisting with planning and conducting needs analysis.

See also services related to Charting Your Course.

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