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Learning Culture Workbook

Curated Resources on Cultivating Learning Culture

Build a Better Learning Culture Game Directions

Build a Better Learning Culture Game Cards (tactics)

Cultivating a Strong Learning Culture slides (pdf)

// Of interest

Curated resources on scaffolding self-direction at work

My on-demand session on Supporting Self-Directed Learning in Organizations
(available to Learning Solutions Conference attendants after May 13)

Accenture’s Learning Hacks on learning to learn topics

The Deliberately Developmental Organization (pdf), by Robert Kegan, Lisa Lahey, Andy Fleming, Matthew Miller, and Inna Markus. Whitepaper for Way to Grow (2014) – one approach to envisioning ongoing development for everyone in an organization

The Curious Advantage (2020) by Paul Ashcroft, Simon Brown, and Garrick Jones – Book web site, with access to more information and an ongoing podcast.

Bookmarks on Curiosity – my collection of bookmarks on curiosity (Word to the wise: Diigo is the public bookmarking site that I use to keep track of interesting stuff I find on the internet. It’s kind-of like a hall closet where you store lots of odds and ends. You are welcome to poke around, but I never clean it out, so watch your head.)

Adventures in inventing a game (2021) by Catherine Lombardozzi – My blog post on how I put together the Build a Better Learning Culture game.

// Learning Culture Organization Profiles

Review these organization profiles, and identify characteristics, behaviors, activities, practices, or programs that contribute to effective learning culture. Take notes in workbook, page 3.

Deep Reads:

Strategic Learning in Practice: A Case Study of the Kauffman Foundation

Building a Culture of Learning: Teaching a Complex Organization How to Fish

From Courses to Campaigns: Citi’s Journey to a Culture  of Continuous Learning (70:20:10 Institute, 2017)
More on Citi: Learning Agility: Citi’s Campaign for Continuous Learning (Learning Solutions, 2018)

Brief Profiles:

A World of Magnificent Maniacs: Learning at WD40 (2002)
More on WD40: CEO Garry Ridge on the Learning Uncut Podcast – transcript (2020)

PwC’s digital upskilling efforts have transformed its learning culture, Chief Learning Officer, 2019

DAU: Becoming a modern learning platform in 2021 … it’s about the song!, Chief Learning Officer 2021

Enabling 130,000 employees to grow in an organization committed to continuous learning, Novartis, 2019

Transforming culture at Microsoft: Satya Nadella sets a new tone (2018)

Training Top 125 profiles



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