Curated Resources for Maximizing Self-Directed Learning

These resources have been compiled for those who participated in my Maximizing Self-Directed Learning session at Learning 2021.

Maximizing Self-Directed Learning Guidebook
A short guidebook to accompany the session (contains key content).

Elements of Self-Directed Learning Plans survey
A participant asked for a copy of this survey. If you can’t access the link, please contact me directly.

Self-Directed Learning: Essential strategy for a rapidly changing world
// Catherine Lombardozzi, for Learning Guild (2020)
Here’s my research report that synthesizes the theory and research on self-directed learning, boiling it down to key concepts and recommendations. Download for free with a free membership to the Learning Guild.

Create ideal conditions for SDL
// Catherine Lombardozzi, TD (October 2021)
My recent article in TD magazine that outlines how organizations can support self-directed learning.

Curated Resources on Scaffolding Self-Directed Learning at Work
// Compiled by Catherine Lombardozzi
An outline of the key findings in the Self-Directed Learning research report along with an abundant list of curated resources for a deeper dive.

Charting Your Course
Support materials for self-directed learners, along with descriptions of support services that I provide to learners, teams, and organizations. The Charting Your Course Workbook is free, and outlines the necessary elements of an effective self-directed learning plan.

In a world of constant change, learning is as necessary as breathing. Learning propels us from one side of a crisis to the other, from iteration to iteration, from hobbyist to expert, from newbie to senior leader, from the past to the future.

A new culture of learning is in our grasp, but it isn’t going to thrive just because it is possible. Individuals need to develop their self-directed learning skills. L&D leaders need to nurture environments that encourage and scaffold self-directed learning. And organizations need to cultivate learning cultures.

~ Catherine Lombardozzi
Self-Directed Learning: Essential strategy for a rapidly changing world
Learning Guild Research Report, 2020