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Section 4

The Components of a Learning Environment: The flora and fauna of learning

Component Graphic


To list all of the possible components of a learning environment would be as challenging as listing all of the possible plants to install in a garden. Species of plants have multiple varieties, and new cultivars are created every day. In planting a garden, your choices get narrowed by climate, location, soil type, and gardener’s preferences.

A similar process is engaged in designing a learning environment. There is a world of possible options for resources and activities, and it’s good to start with a solid list of potential ones to include. You would never be able to list all the possibilities, especially since new activities and resources are invented regularly. As an aid to learning environment design, though, the learning component chart lists the more typical options.

~ From Section 4, Learning Environments by Design


Learning Environment Components

Book Highlights

The component chart (right, click to open) is a handy job aid to remind you of some of the possible learning resources and activities to include in a learning environment.

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Training and Education

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Developmental Practices

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Experiential Learning Practices

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Learner Motivation

Enhancing Adult Motivation to Learn: A comprehensive guide for teaching all adults. By Raymond J. Wlodkowski (Jossey-Bass, 2008 – 3rd Ed.)  On Amazon here.