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Curating an Effective Blend

Section 5

Curating an Effective Blend of Resources and Activities: Landscaping an environment

Pillars of SDL

 The beauty of the learning environment “blend” is that it is a learner-centered model. Learners themselves determine what they want to learn, which resources and approaches they want to access in order to learn, and how and where they are going to apply their learning.

~ From Section 5, Learning Environments by Design

Book Highlights

Self-Directed Learning Pillars

As seen in the graphic above, an analysis of self-directed learning theories indicates that there are seven characteristics learners must have in order to effectively manage their learning in a learning environment. The book describes these in detail and suggests ways to promote these characteristics.

Principles of Learning Environment Design

The text identifies five principles of learning environment design:

Trust learners.
Focus on context.
Curate effectively.
Provide variety and depth.
Make access easy.

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