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The Future of Learning

Section 7

The Future of Learning

Ch 7


Learning environments by design – or other approaches that are equally comprehensive and diversified – are evolving as the future of L&D strategy in organizations. A learning advisor’s ability to sniff out relevant resources and guide learners to engage with people and activities that help them to develop can be more valuable (and more timely) than his or her ability to design an effective course. Formal programs aren’t going away, but they are only the beginning of learning in the workplace – a way of grounding key concepts and skills that can be infinitely built as emerging knowledge and practices come to the fore and the work environment shifts with the times.

~ From Section 7, Learning Environments by Design

Book Highlights

A number of trends will keep L&D professionals on their toes in the coming years:

  • Long standing volatility in the business environment.
  • Overwhelming speed of change and explosion of available information.
  • Increasing understanding that modern employee performance depends on the connected and collaborative worker.
  • Deepening focus on engagement.
  • Shifting value of degree programs and lessening of confidence in colleges and universities to prepare workers for the workplace.
  • Increasing investment in leader development.

This section elaborates on these and discusses implications.

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