The Leader’s Guide to Developing People

A master class in the developmental moves that guide people toward peak capability

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Orient your leaders to the critical role they play
in helping people reach peak capability.

More than ever before, it’s clear that an organization’s leaders are essential to employee development. While strategic learning initiatives may be focused on adding on-demand resources. cultivating a learning culture, or scaffolding self-directed learning, these efforts rely on the active engagement of managers for their effectiveness.

Leaders are closest to the action and best positioned to identify needs and guide development in the workplace. That’s a core truth even when the organization has an impactful L&D organization.

The Leader’s Guide to Developing People equips leaders to guide the development of their direct reports.

Like an instructor who guides a newbie climber up a climbing wall, leaders need to know the kinds of moves that will accomplish a climb – in this case toward peak capability. The Leader’s Guide to Developing People describes six kinds of developmental moves, and more importantly, it provides research-based advice on how to make these moves effectively.

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// Leader’s Guide for Developing People Workshop

The Leader’s Guide to Developing People
A master class in the developmental moves that guide people toward peak capability

Give your leaders a jump start on strategizing how to develop their people…

The Leader’s Guide to Developing People provides an action-oriented framework for managers that synthesizes the many strategies they can use to develop employees. It describes six modes of engagement and the management actions and behaviors that comprise them. Based on research on learning culture, self-directed learning, and coaching, the session will dig into the details regarding what the most effective managers do to ensure that employees are continuously strengthening their current skill sets and building the capabilities needed for the future. In short, managers should clarify, coach, challenge, connect, curate, and customize. Leaders will take away a template for planning for each employee’s development.

FORMAT:  The workshop is presented as a 3-hour interactive webinar (or classroom event) using discussion, case study, and application activities to underscore key points and practice employing the strategies. Goals, activities, and time frames can be customized to meet the needs of specific organizations.

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Who comes into a person’s life may be the single greatest factor of influence to what that life becomes. ~ Robert Kegan

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ATD Forum Connect Spark
September 21, 2022 online
Private session for members and invited guests

Learning Guild
Learning Leaders Alliance Spring Online Forum
March 2022
Recording available to members


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