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Engaging professional development facilitator

I offer customized workshops and other educational events on a range of topics related to enhancing skills for designers, facilitators, faculty, consultants, and learning leaders. My approach to workshops and professional development programs is almost always multi-faceted, blending highly engaging “live” time (in person or via webinar) with resources, take-back activities, follow-up coaching and more. My work is well-grounded in the relevant theory and research in our field, and shaped to be practical, based on 30+ years’ experience in corporate L&D and 10+ years’ experience teaching academic courses.

Topics include:

  • Design thinking
  • Developing creative capacity
  • Talent development in the digital age
  • Scaffolding self-directed learning
  • Cultivating social learning
  • Curation strategies
  • Needs analysis
  • Instructional design
  • Facilitating online learning
  • Designing online courses
  • Performance consulting
  • Consulting and client management


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Coach, thought partner and strategic advisor

My expertise is in the full range of tools and techniques for learning in the digital age (both in person and technology-based). I can partner with you to create dynamic and impactful learning strategies to meet the needs of your constituents: participants, students, employees and leaders at all levels. Whether you are putting together a syllabus or designing a corporate workshop, I can assist you in devising engaging approaches and ensuring lasting learning. And if you are working to conceptualize a broad learning strategy or curriculum, I can help you to incorporate the latest thinking on what is effective. I especially enjoy strategizing learning environments that support ongoing development of deep knowledge bases and complex skills.

Consulting projects include:

  • Partnering on the development of learning ecosystems and learning environments
  • Coaching practitioners on modern approaches to L&D
  • Consulting on course design, including defining and crafting activities and assessments
  • Researching topics to inform strategic decision-making
  • Conducting in depth needs assessments

Creative instructional designer and learning strategist

The core of my work has always been instructional design and learning strategy design, and I have extensive experience with leadership development, professional skill development, and online course design. If you’re looking for temporary help on a big project, I can supplement your team or work independently.

Services include:

  • Conducting needs analysis (including performance analysis)
  • Designing comprehensive workshops, development programs and other interventions
  • Designing online courses and activities
  • Developing instructor notes and support materials (PowerPoint, workbooks)
  • Devising long term maintenance and evaluation strategies